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Ancient Egypt Timeline

Egypt is one of the oldest countries in the world that still exists today, with its history tracing back to around 3150 BC, when Upper and Lower Egypt were unified into one kingdom. That’s over 5,000 years ago!


26 Frosty Facts About Antarctica

The word ‘Antarctica’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Antarkike’. It means ‘opposite to the north’ or ‘opposite to the Arctic.’


21 Spectacular Stegosaurus Facts

It was once believed that the Stegosaurus had two brains, one in it’s head and one in it’s butt! This has since been debunked.


Hammerhead Shark Facts & Information

The shape of a hammerhead shark’s mallet like head also allows them to scan wider areas of the ocean floor in search of prey, acting almost like a radar.

22 Jawsome Great White Shark Facts

The Great White Shark’s light grey upper body and all white lower half is known as ‘counter shading’, and helps when hiding from prey.